Discover the power of POSITIVE SEPARATION

A breakup or divorce, no matter how painful, does not have to mean the end of your happy life and dreams. You can get your life back on track and be happy again. All it takes is your vision, commitment, and the Positive Separation Method™ developed by Eveline Jurry in The Netherlands.


During my own divorce, I could not find a practical handbook to give me a structured and positive path through the chaos of separation. In my own family, we had embraced the art of positive separation for three generations, but I couldn’t find a source to explain to me, simply and clearly, how to solve the personal crises that come up during a separation, or how to function effectively on a day-to-day basis while at the same time building a foundation for a new, happy future. 

It became clear to me that every person in separation was required to reinvent the wheel for him- or herself. This triggered me enormously, especially considering the damage to individuals from economic, relational, and health perspectives both during and after separation. I wasn’t the only one, I realized, who needed a plan of action. 

And so, the Positive Separation Method™ was born. 

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My book ‘Happy Again! The Art of Positive Separation’ can be ordered online in the US or Europe.


The Positive Separation Method consists of five distinct steps. Each of these steps includes intentional, concrete actions that will help you to: minimize daily chaos; keep your energy elevated so you can get through daily tasks; work with difficult emotions; connect to your vision for a new, happy life; meet your immediate and long-term goals; and stay empowered through what may be one of the most challenging times of your life. 

Step 1  Disconnect from your old life, and create a vision for your new life

Step 2  Focus on what you can control

Step 3  Reconnect to and empower your core

Step 4  Take loving action to care for yourself and become happy again

Step 5  Move forward with confidence!


  • Focuses first on day-to-day functioning

  • Simple, clear, and easy to implement

  • A clear starting point that can be applied immediately, regardless of the stage of separation the user is in

  • Age, gender, financial situation, and educational background are not relevant

  • The focus in on the intention and energy of the user, so both partners do not need to participate

  • Focuses on both the emotional and practical aspects of the separation

  • Uses familiar tools and exercises to create a solid foundation for healing and growth

  • Applies tangible benchmarks for progress

  • Benefits will be noticed immediately after implementation

  • Includes tools for separations where there are children involved (with a focus on the balance and well-being of parents)

  • Can be used by both individuals and professionals (i.e., coaches, therapists, lawyers, etc.)

Empower Yourself and Be Happy Again!

Are you looking for a definitive, step-by-step guide to creating a positive separation? You’ve found it. ‘Happy Again! The Art of Positive’ Separation is Eveline’s newest book, an updated and expanded version of her Dutch best-seller, Je Wordt Weer Gelukkig. In it, you will learn the 5 steps of Eveline’s proven Positive Separation Method™, and discover how you can navigate the challenging process of divorce, breakup, or separation in an empowered and healthy way.

Combining practical ‘baby steps’, self-examination, and consciously-directed vision, this method will help you step out of the chaos and drama and into a vision of a new, happy life. Eveline's loving but no-nonsense approach will quickly pull you into a positive spiral of forward-moving thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

Happy Again Cover Eveline Jurry.jpg

My book ‘Happy Again! The Art of Positive Separation’ can be ordered online in the US or Europe.